Amanda Ardens

Desire. Reality. Illusion. Time.

Escape into Eroticism and Ecstasy

My name is Ann. I am 29 years old. Divorced. The mother of a beautiful little boy. I suffered too much through my marriage, I had to start over everything…But happiness found me again, although I fight with my demons constantly. I don;t know yet, who will be stronger…

Everything is complicated. The past and present are blurred. On top of it I am torn between two men. I want both of them. ..My unending sexual desires are blurring my vision and my common sense, I already gave up all my rules…I am dancing on the thin line between reality and illusion…Drives me crazy, yet I feel safe here in this zone. For now…What would you do to win time? And what would you do to stop it? I already know…

“He kisses my neck, panting my ears. He flows the sponge bath foam over my back, slowly rubs on it, then on my stomach, very thoroughly. No … Now my pussy is next! I am cray with desire for him touch it!”

“Don’t Miss This Romantic Literary Masterpiece that Will Keep You Titllated to the Very Last Sigh! Ahhh…” -Sue Yellin.

“Welcome Amanda Ardens to the Pantheon of Romance Legends Like Nora Roberts and Danielle Steel” -Eve Painkoff.

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